MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAA native of Pennsylvania, Sculptor Steven F. Kilpatrick was first introduced to the arts while in his teens. His works are typically described as strikingly realistic, beautiful, breathtaking and deeply moving. Steve is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with five years of additional studies under the renowned Master Sculptor, Frank Gasparro of Philadelphia (who apprenticed for Auguste Rodin’s chief sculptor, Giuseppe Donato).

With hundreds of sculptures completed, his work has been seen on CBS Television – has been featured in books, magazines and many newspapers including the Philadelphia Inquirer which wrote of his sculptures, “…his work is…an inspiration about the virtues of love and respect.” He sculpts miniature, life and heroic sizes in the round and relief. He has also spoken on radio and was an invited guest to and exhibitor at the 2008 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC with President of the United States and dignitaries from around the world. Steve was one of only three sculptors chosen from a two year worldwide search to exhibit at the JPII Center in Washington, DC with works by Michelangelo. He has spoken at many locations including the Hollywood California Convention Center / Kodak Theater, Enders Island, Conn., St. Charles Barromeo Seminary, Philadelphia, Pa., The American Academy of Sacred Arts in Philadelphia, Pa., local churches and organizations.

Commissions: Churches, Municipal, Corporate, Private

Kilpatrick Studios,llc is a 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art studio located five minutes east of Philadelphia in New Jersey. This modern building houses the artist’s offices, conference and design rooms in addition to a 28 foot high, 3,000 square foot open studio and exhibit area. The studio is capable of comfortably handling commissions of any size and complexity making it possible to more readily meet the needs of all clients. All sculpture and consulting is done solely by the artist, S. F. Kilpatrick. The artist is well experienced working with architects, builders, community leaders, organizations, planning / zoning boards, and religious leaders.

Sculptures are created in clay then mold and cast in bronze, brass, silver-nickel, marble, and other materials in the unique Layered Process and also cast in the Foundry Lost Wax Method. Sculptures may be had in the round or as a relief and miniature to heroic (larger than life) in size. The representational art work is expressively life like and detailed.

He has been active in his church, his community, and as a sports coach. He serves (or has served) on numerous community and professional boards and committees including his City Planning, Zoning and Health Boards, Newpoint Behavior Health of South Jersey, American Heart Association, Paul VI High School Board, Underwood Memorial / Jefferson Hospital Strategic Planning and Policy / Procedure Committees, Delaware River Port Authority Committee, NJ State Planners Association, Building committees for multimillion dollar diocesan construction projects, Commission for Architecture and Sacred Art for Southern New Jersey in Camden, Saint Michael’s Institute of Sacred Art in New England, and The American Academy of Sacred Art in Philadelphia.

Commissioning a sculpture is simple and easy. Just give a call.

Steve’s Sculptures can be found around the world from Erope to Venezuela to across the United States.

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