In Honor of ALL Police Officers Living and Deceased, Retired and in Training, Kilpatrick Studios, llc proudly introduces:

The American Police Officer’s Memorial / Monument

PM1“The American Police Officer’s Memorial / Monument” by Steven F. Kilpatrick is part of the “American Heroes Series” – helping families of the fallen by donating a portion of the proceeds to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF). For more information call: 609.221.4284.

“A Commanding Image of Honor, Respect, Inspiration, Fraternity, Valor, Remembrance and Courage.”

Every Police Station longs to have their own Monument honoring police officers while inspiring others. These outstanding heroes and the work they do needs to be recognized and honored. Available now are Artist’s recastings of this Monument (Life size sculpture and pedestal) each in Layered Bronze and with an Artist’s signed and numbered letter of authenticity.

This Memorial / Monument personally speaks to every police officer and town in America. As part of the “American Heroes Series” these are the only Memorial / Monuments specifically sculpted to create a united message to all who see it across the entire United States.

“My family have been dedicated police officers all their lives…”

Perfect indoors or outdoors at your Police Station, High School, Public Library, municipal building or public memorial park.

Each pedestal section has over 21 square feet of space to attach any engravings you desire Engineered to allow you maximum flexibility permitting plaques with additional names, dates, quotes, etc. to be easily affixed anytime you wish. Each Monument is cast in Layered Bronze which is a cold cast layered bronze resulting in a lighter weight sculpture ideal for indoors and outdoors with a surface of beautiful matte brilliance.

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