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Many Miracles will come from this.” (M. Paula Beierschmitt, I.H.M.)

Inspired by the life of M. Paula Beierschmitt, I.H.M., this apostolate is also dedicated to her.


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Our Mission is to be a vehicle by which the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother may use to help stop the killing of innocents, and to bring people to Jesus through Our Lady. We intend to do this by using the image originally given to us by God and more recently directed by the Blessed Mother, the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. We seek to distribute many hundreds and hopefully thousands of life-size divinely inspired statues of Our Lady of Guadalupe; creating new prayer sites across the county.

Friends, family, and clergy have come together to encourage the creation of this apostolate. The inspiration for this apostolate has come from the life of a saintly Catholic religious sister who was given a divinely directed mission honoring Our Lord through the Patroness of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Sister M. Paula Beierschmitt, a religious of “The Congregation of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary” (I.H.M.) and a highly talented artist answered the call of St. John Paul II’s Letter to the Artists by establishing The Academy of the Sacred Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having been the first Catholic woman religious to graduate from the prestigious Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, she felt compelled to become an advocate for artist’s rights in addition to being a promotor of the sacred arts.

In 1997 when Sister Paula first met artist Steven Kilpatrick (owner of Kilpatrick Studios, L.L. C.), she asked him to serve on the board of her American Academy of the Sacred Arts, where he remains a board member to this day. Over the years Sister Paula and Steve became trusted friends.


On August 3, 2008 while on retreat at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmetsburg, Maryland, Sister Paula photographed an outdoor mosaic of Our Lady of Guadalupe. When the photograph was developed it revealed a luminescent image of Our Lady of Guadalupe hovering in front of the mosaic. This luminescent image was not visible to Sister Paula or her companions when the photograph was taken. Professional photographers have determined the “luminescence” is part of the negative; neither the photograph nor the negative had been modified in any way. There has been no viable explanation for this “luminescence,” it appears to be a miraculous phenomenon.


Through prayer Sister Paula discerned the luminescent image was a sign from the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother wanted a statue of Her created in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Patroness of the Americas, artistry resembling the miraculous Saint Juan Diego’s tilma (poncho or cloak) but with specific enhancements, as directed by the Blessed Mother.

While walking in front of a building on the heavily traveled South Broad Street in Philadelphia on Pentecost Sunday, the Blessed Mother told Sister She wanted Her statue placed at that location. Sister Paula entered the business and proceeded to tell the owner what the Blessed Mother wanted. He immediately agreed to have the completed statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe placed on his property for all travelers to see and to pray at.

Sister Paula chose her trusted friend, Steve Kilpatrick, to create this divinely inspired and directed statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Before the clay statue was fully completed Sister Paula told Steve she believed the Blessed Mother wanted Her statue replicated many times and placed throughout the United States and beyond because the statues would create a resurgence in the protection of life and because the people don’t know Her and soon they will need to come to Her. Sister went on to say, “Many miracles will come from this.”


On September 28, 2013 Our Lord called Sister Paula to her heavily home. Although Sister Paula did not see the statue fully completed before her passing she did however, give her approval for what was completed. Sister visited Steve’s studio many times, including shortly before going to her heavenly home. Sister’s directives as given to her by the Blessed Mother were meticulously implemented in the creation of this divinely inspired and one of a kind, three dimensional expression of the Holy image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Upon Sister’s passing, her friends, family, and academy board members resolved to continue her Academy of the Sacred Arts and to complete the Our Lady of Guadalupe statue South Broad Street prayer site.


Once the statue was sculpted in clay, it was blessed and then delivered to the bronze foundry where a mold of the clay statue was made; from that mold the first finished bronze casting (or statue) was produced. This is the statue you see in the photograph with Pope Francis. In the Spring of 2015, Steve Kilpatrick received a surprising email informing him the nearly completed first bronze casting of the Broad Street statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was to be temporarily placed in the magnificent Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia and remain there for the upcoming World Meeting of Families and Pope Francis’ visit.

On May 31, 2015 the first completed bronze casting of this divinely directed statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was installed in the sanctuary of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul.


On September 26, 2015 before Mass started in the crowded Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, Pope Francis honored the Blessed Mother by going out of his way to stop at this divinely inspired statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, placing white roses there and praying to the Blessed Mother asking for Her help.


An important (abbreviated) historical reference:

On December 9, 1531, in what is now called Mexico, The Blessed Mother appeared to the Aztec Indian convert to Catholicism, Juan Diego, asking him to tell his Bishop to build Her a church. On December 12, She directed Juan to take roses that grew on the hillside to the bishop as a sign that Juan’s message was from Her. When Juan released the roses from his poncho or tilma in front of the bishop there appeared on the tilma a miraculous image of the Blessed Mother, now called, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Immediately the bishop fell to his knees and subsequently built the church.

Our Lady’s image on the tilma was very significant to the Aztec Indians. She was dressed in a way that the native Indians, especially the Aztecs would understand. She was dressed in royal clothes they recognized. She had the symbol of the cross at her neck which was the same symbol of the Spaniard’s faith. The sash tied around her waist meant to the Aztecs she was with child and the four pedal flower design signified the source of life. To the Aztecs this flower was a symbol for the true God, the God above all gods. Additionally, She stood upon one of their most powerful gods while blocking their most worshiped god, the sun god. The Aztecs immediately understood that this was the mother of the true God

This appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe dramatically changed the future of North and South America. The Aztec Indians and many of the other native peoples of the region were on the brink of war with the Spaniards. The Aztecs worshipped gods, to whom they would offer human sacrifices, often killing 50,000 or more innocents a year. The Catholic Spaniards were appalled by this. If a war occurred, the Spaniards and Christianity would have been totally wiped out. Mary’s appearance changed everything. It helped the Indians to embrace Christianity and it helped the Spaniards to treat the Indians with respect. In the course of only a few years, nearly 8,000,000 Indians in the Americas converted to the Catholic faith. This was the biggest conversion in the history of the Church. Mary’s appearance put an end to the worship of pagan gods and the ritual of human sacrifice. Our Lady of Guadalupe became a Unifier, an Evangelist, and a protector of life.


Just as the Aztecs killed millions of innocent children, sacrificing them to their gods, whom they feared, millions of preborn children are being “sacrificed” presently, through abortion, to the gods of lust, convenience, etc.

We believe the Blessed Mother wants this special and unique rendition of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, described to Steve Kilpatrick by Sister Paula, as expressed in the statue meticulously sculpted by him, in its many replications, each to be a vehicle by which Our Lady’s Grace acts as a Unifier, an Evangelist, and a Protector of Life for all people. We also believe these statue prayer sites will help to unite the many divisions in our culture, bringing millions to Jesus through Mary, and help to create a resurgence in the protection of life. This is the way of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Is to facilitate Our Lady of Guadalupe’s presence and miraculous effect as Unifier, Evangelist and Protector of Life throughout the United States and beyond. We seek to accomplish this goal by creating prayer sites all across the country with the distribution of hopefully many hundreds of recastings of this divinely inspired statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe not only in tranquil areas but most especially in poor neighborhoods, crime ridden areas, towns where people have given up hope, where people have turned away from Our Lord, where our young are homeless and orphaned, near hospitals and facilities that perform abortions, in our cities, suburbs, farmlands and rural county sides.


Our plan to accomplish our goal is simple: By Kilpatrick Studios, LLC selling the first and second editions of this special statue, Kilpatrick Studios, LLC will use a portion of the proceeds to pay for the production of a third edition of this statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. All of the third edition statues will be given away free of charge, to the many parishes that have poor and deeply challenged areas. It is also the intention to use another portion of the proceeds to establish a restricted self-funding account from the sale of the first and second editions that, when fully funded, it will continue to provide free statues for many years to come.

We are asking for at least one “Angel” from each diocese to purchase a bronze first edition casting of this divinely inspired statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, or two “Angels” from each diocese to purchase bronze second edition castings of the statue. The more first and second edition statues that are purchased, the closer we get to our goal of having, hopefully, over a thousand new prayer sites across the United States and beyond. Each site will help to bring people together in Faith, bring Jesus to all through Mary, and saving the lives of the millions of preborn.

Please be an “Angel.” An “Angel” may be an individual, a family, an organization, etc.


First Edition Statues: Each of the first edition statues will be cast in foundry bronze, from the same mold that was made of the clay (which Sister Paula saw) statue created by Steven Kilpatrick upon Sister Paula’s request, as directed to Sister by the Blessed Mother. Each statue will be sequentially numbered and have embedded in it a small piece of material that was blessed by Pope Francis.

Second Edition Statues: Each of the second edition statues will be cast from a (second) mold made from one of the first castings of the first edition statues. Each of these statues will differ in appearance from the first edition statues only by being slightly smaller, by approximately1.5 inches. Each statue will be sequentially numbered. This edition will not be cast from the same mold as the first edition.

Each of the first and second edition statues will be cast in the same bronze foundry that the first statue was cast in. The production of each statue casting will be supervised at the foundry, by Sister Paula’s artist, Steven Kilpatrick. A copy of the prayer to Our Lady that Sister Paula chose for the first statue, as well as several other prayers to Our Lady, will be made available to you if you would like to include one of them with your statue. If you are intending to donate your statue to a church or any other non for profit organization we suggest that you contact your accountant to determine if your donation is tax deductible.

Third Edition Statues: These statue prayer sites will be given, free of charge, to be used in the “challenging locations” described in “Our Goal” and “Our Plan.” Purchasers of a first or second edition statue are also encouraged to let us know of a “challenging location” they are aware of, that they’d like us to consider for a third edition location. These monochromatic statues will be cast from molds made from a slightly modified plaster wax casting from the first edition mold. They will be cast in a lighter weight material, making it easier for the recipients to install them. Each of these casting will have, as part of the statue, a small prayer to Our Lady, written in several different languages.


You may choose to have your first or second edition statue finished “Multi-colored” having similar coloring as what is depicted in the photographs of the first statue casting that appears on this page (with Pope Francis, etc.) Or you may have your statue finished in a “Monochromatic” finish which is a single color bronze patina (not multi-colored).

The first edition statue castings are more expensive than the second edition statue castings, because the first edition statue castings (unlike the second edition castings) are all made from the original mold, made of the actual artist’s blessed clay statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the same mold that was used to create the statue casting photographed with Pope Francis. Additionally, this first edition is a “limited edition,” meaning once the edition is finished no additional castings will ever be made from this original mold. The mold will be destroyed.

Edition Cost: Monochromatic Multicolored
First Edition  $137,000 $143,000
Second Edition  $82,000 $88,000

An additional fee will be added to each order for Shipping, Handling, and Processing.

It is easy to get started.

Please email your information and/or questions to: Steve@KilpatrickStudio.com

Or if you prefer, you are welcomed to call: 609.221.4284


Please read more about Sister Paula at the website for the Academy of the Sacred Arts: http://aasacredarts.org

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