In Honor of ALL Firefighters Living and Deceased, Retired and in Training, Kilpatrick Studios, llc proudly introduces:

The American Firefighter’s Memorial / Monument

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA“The American Firefighter’s Memorial / Monument” by Steven F. Kilpatrick is part of the “American Heroes Series.”  A portion of the proceeds is donated to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) helping families of the fallen in your State.

Every firehouse has longed to have their own Monument honoring those who have served, those serving as well as those hoping to serve. Unfortunately, original sculptures are typically too costly for most to commission. These heroes should be recognized and honored. Understanding this need and appreciating the financial situations of most firehouses sculptor Steven F. Kilpatrick has sculpted a nearly six foot tall Monument that all firehouses can now afford. Artist’s recastings of this Monument (Life size sculpture and pedestal) each in Layered Bronze and with an Artist’s signed and numbered letter of authenticity are now available .

“I know how much my grandfather and family have given as Firefighter’s though the years…”

This Memorial / Monument personally speaks to every firefighter and town in America. This is the only Memorial / Monument specifically sculpted to create a united message to all who see it across the entire United States.

“A Powerful Message of Honor, Respect, Strength, Brotherhood, Remembrance, Inspiration and the promises of the Future.”

Perfect in front of your fire station, high school, public library, municipal building, public memorial park – and because it is cast in Layered Bronze it is also perfect for indoors, too.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAEach pedestal has over 21 square feet of space to attach any engravings you desire. Designed in this way allows you the flexibility to add additional names, dates, quotes, etc. any time you wish.

Each Monument is cast in Layered Bronze* which is a cold bonded bronze casting process resulting in a lighter weight sculpture with a beautiful matte bronze surface.

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