“The American Heroes Series”

The “American Heroes Series” is the personal project of sculptor, Steven F. Kilpatrick in response to his admiration and respect for those who risk there lives for others. The series includes memorial / monuments honoring First Responders and each branch of The United States Military.

Words and phrases that help shape each statue and the entire series are: Honor, Remembrance, Respect, Loyalty, Safety, Keeping the Peace, Love of God, Love of Family, Love of Country, Dedication, Service, Defend, Love of Freedom, Strength and Brotherhood – so everyone can see, understand and be inspired…

This series has been brilliantly engineered by combining both the figure and the engraving areas into one! Also, each monument / memorial is cast in layered bronze which is less expensive and because it is lighter than foundry bronze it can safely be placed indoors. Each memorial / monument stands approximately 6 feet tall and has over 21 square feet of space to attach additional engraved plates anytime you wish!

Call for more information: 609.221.4284